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People take dance lessons for many reasons. For some, dancing is a lifelong hobby that is both relaxing and challenging. Others may only want a few lessons to prepare for a special event. Couples often take lessons because it is something they can do together, and may find that it adds a little spark to the relationship. And many people prefer dance as a form of exercise (both physical and mental) and appreciate the social interaction it provides. In other words, there are as many reasons for dancing as there are people who dance.

Ideally, a well rounded dance program will include private lessons, group classes, and practice parties. Each of the three has specific benefits, that when combined optimize learning. Realistically though, not everyone can engage in all three consistently. Your learning style, personality, goals, available time, and budget will determine the combination that is right for you. So look over our offerings, talk to your instructor about your needs, and then enjoy whatever you choose.

Special Offer for First Time Guests

We are so certain that you will love dancing with us that you can take your first lesson for free. Simply call, text, or email for more information or to schedule.

Or go to calendly.com/catsballroom/private-lesson and schedule online.

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Custom Gift Certificates Available

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, holidays, or just because. Dance lessons are a thoughtful and unexpected gift. Treat your boss, your spouse, or that special young couple that just got engaged to a gift that lasts a lifetime. Almost anyone will appreciate a gift certificate for dance lessons, whether it's a single private lesson or a comprehensive package. Surprise someone special today!